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Parks and recreation places  - Sport Centers

Great places worth visiting are the hill of Monserrate, the Botanical Garden, Maloka (an interactive Center of Science and Technology) open air stages and arenas for shows such as the Santamaria bullring, (bullfighting and shows) The Nemesio Camacho El Campín Stadium, (soccer and shows) the Alfonso López Pumarejo Stadium inside the Universidad Nacional campus and La Media Torta (open air shows).


Simon Bolivar Metropolitan Park
located in the western area Avenida (Carrera) 68 and 58 / Calles 53 and 63)is formed by a group of parks and sport complexes such as the Simon Bolivar Central Park and the events square that holds 150,000 people, the Aquatic Complex, the Sports Center, the Sports Unit, The Salitre Park that includes the velodrome and the baseball stadium, the Salitre Magico amusement park , Cici Aquapark, and El Lago Metropolitan park.

The Panaca Park is a very large farming complex where the visitor will have fun while observing and learning farming techniques and the procedures for handling animals safely. Besides, a visitor will be able to participate in activities that are carried out daily. The park is divided into 8 sections or stations with 2,400 animals. The complex has four exhibition coliseums, 30 restaurants, and 17 stores,. The park is located in the municipality of Zipaquirá and has an area of 248 square miles. It can hold up to 3,000 people.

Other parks in the city are The National Park, Carrera 7 Calle 39 (Mid-North) which is the third largest park in the city,
El Virrey Park - Calle 88 between Ave. 7 Autopista Norte (North)
Park of the 93
- Calle 93 Carreras 11 and 13 (North)
Chicó Park - Chicó borough (North)
Park of the 85 - Calle 85 Carrera 13 (North)
El Prado Park Autopista Norte and calle 131 (North)
San Rafael Park La Calera neighborhood (North)
La Soledad Park La Soledad borough (Mid-North)
Renacimiento Park Calle 26 (Downtown)
San Andrés
Park (West)
Sauzalito Park, (West)
Timiza Metropolitan Park (South)
El Tunal Metropolitan Park (South)
Mundo Aventura Amusement Park - Transversal 71 D No. 6-30 Sur (South)
Entre las Nubes Ecological park (South East)
The Jaime Duque Park (Municipality of Sopó) where the Zoo is located and the
Tocancipá car race track.


Tourist Services - Emergency telephone numbers- Others

Visiors will find the services they require including professional services (doctors, lawyers, dentists, ophthalmologists, etc.) to general services such as banks, car rentals, money exchange, travel agents, insurance companies, etc.

For more information regarding services, click here

Hospitals. Clinics and medical Centers

in Bogota has many health centers, private clinics and state hospitals with excellent services. Bogota has a network of institutions enrolled in the District Department of Health that render medical and hospital services. It has also 142 public medical clinics distributed all over the city. At present, there are 22 health organizations (EPS) that render services to more than 4,900,000 patients.

For a list of hospitals addresses and private clinics, go to this  link


Public transport in Bogota has improved considerably over recent years. Transmilenio is a system of mass transportation that came into operation at the beginning of 2001 It provides efficient transportation for thousands of people all over the city. These buses have terminals where people arrive through side bus services called alimentadores. Besides that, there are many other bus services, busetas, colectivos, and taxis.
The use of bicycles has been promoted in the last years as an alternative way of transportation. There are many pathways for bicycles (ciclo-rutas) within the city.
To enter and exit the city there is very good bus service called flotas. Flota provides services to many cities and towns in Colombia. There is also a good train service, but air connections remain the main way to travel. El Dorado International Airport is the most important airport in Bogota and in Colombia.

For transport fare and more information, go to this  link



Many different types of events take place every day in Bogotá.
Theater, classical and popular music concerts, exhibitions, sports and table games events,
shows, etc. Some special events take place every year such as the annual Book Fair, Expodiseño, Expohogar the Carnival of Bogota that begins August 6, birthday of the city, the Festival of Salsa al Parque (park) Festival of Jazz al Paque, Festival of Opera al Parque, Festival of Rock al Parque, the bullfighting season, the ibero-American Festival of Theater, Festival of Summer and European film Festival.
The International Fair of Bogota, held every other year in Corferias (Corporation of Fairs and Exhibitions)

For information on current events, places where they are taking place and time of the events, go to this  link




Bogota has 33 public libraries The main ones are:
The National Library is the backbone of the public library system. It has over 800,000 books and Incunabula collection of 30.000 books and manuscripts The building has many reading rooms, a music hall and auditorium Address: Calle 24 # 5-80
The Luis Angel Arango Library, located in the heart of the historic district of la Candelaria, (Calle11 # 4-14) is one of the best equipped libraries in Latin America. It has large reading rooms, art galleries, and an excellent auditorium.
The Virgilio Barco Public Library is found in the west of Bogota, adjacent to the Simón Bolivar park. The main room has 3 levels with 64 reading areas. It has near 25.000 books and a
capacity for 130.000. Address: Carrera 48 # 61-50
El Tunal Public Library is situated in south Bogota It has over 110.000 books, large reading rooms, a music hall and an auditorium. Address: Calle 48B Sur # 21-13.
El Tintal Public Library - Address: Avenida Ciudad de Cali # 6B-49.

World Capital of the Book
Bogota has been awarded the title of "The World Capital of the Book" for the year 2007 offered by UNESCO as recognition to the quality of its programs to promote the diffusion of books and to promote reading.


There are many public and private elementary and high schools, universities,
Institutes, technical school centers, language schools, etc.

Among the private universities are Los Andes University, the Javeriana University, Colegio Mayor de Nuestra Señora del Rosario, University of Bogota Jorge Tadeo Lozano, University of La Sabana, La Gran Colombia University, Sergio Arboleda University, The Colombian School of Engineering Julio Garavito, La Salle University, Santo Tomás University, El Externado de Colombia University among others. Public universities, such as the Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Colegio Mayor de Cundinamarca, Universidad Distrital Francisco José de Caldas Universidad Militar Nueva Granada Universidad Pedagógica Nacional. Also there are many public schools, institutes, private schools, centers of education on technical levels such as the SENA, the Polytechnic Institute and many others.


The most important government buildings are: The Palace of Nariño or Presidential Palace, home of President of the Republic of Colombia (Current President, Juan Manuel Santos); the Lievano building, the city Hall of Bogota (Current Mayor, Samuel Moreno); the National Capitol, headquarters of the Congress of the Republic of Colombia, the Law Courts, where the members of the Supreme Court of Justice hold office, the Palace of San Carlos, headquarters of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Murillo Toro Building where the Ministry of Communications is located.

To see photos of the Alcaldia de Bogota (City Hall), the Palacio de Nariño (Presidencial
Palace, el Capitolio (The National Capitol) and the Palacio de San Carlos,
go to this  link


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